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FAQ and useful information

Getting your cake from A to B

When transporting your cake, you should do so with care. If travelling in a car, ensure to place the cake on a flat surface, such as the boot or foot well. Placing cakes on a chair is unsafe as the surface is not flat and cakes are likely to tilt. Placing a non-slip mat under the cake will ensure minimal movement.

How do I store my cake?

Do not refrigerate fondant cakes as this will cause the fondant to 'sweat' and become sticky. Store these in a cool dry place, in the box, until cut. After cake is cut, store in an air tight container to avoid the cake drying out and going stale quicker. If you do not have a container big enough, leave the cake in the box with the cut end covered in foil or clingfilm.

Buttercream cakes can be stored in the fridge if your house is very warm and take out 30 minutes before you need them. Once cut, ensure to store in an air ticket container or cover cut ends in foil or clingfilm.

How long will my cake last for?

Stored correctly, cakes normally around 5-7 days after collection date, unless otherwise stated. Cupcakes should be stored in an air tight container and last up to 3-5 days after collection date.

Novelty cakes and figurines

Some novelty cakes may contain support dowels and figurines may contain dowels / toothpicks for support and stability. Floral decoration may contain floristry wire and / or dowels. It is advisable to remove all figurines and floral decoration before cutting and consuming  the cake.

Tiered cakes

Each cake will be on a separate cake board. Tiered cakes contain wooden or plastic dowels and / or plastic straws in each cake tier to support the weight of the cake(s) above. They are usually in a variation of the formation depicted below. These will always be obvious to see and it is advisable to remove these before cutting the cake.

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